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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the appliance to clean my floor?

It can only be used to clean carpets, not the floor or other hard surfaces. Otherwise, it may scratch your floor.

Is the appliance cordless or corded?

It's corded.

What are the capacities of the Clean Water Tank and the Dirty Water Tank?

The Clean Water Tank has a capacity of 2 liters, and the Dirty Water Tank 1.7 liters.

How long is the power cord?

6.5 meters.

Can I use the appliance to vacuum relatively large debris such as cornflakes and pet food?

The carpet cleaner is designed to remove water-soluble stains, not debris.

Can the appliance clean itself?


How often should I clean the Brush Roller?

We advise to clean the Brush Roller after each use.

What is the suction power of the appliance when water and foreign objects are sucked in?

It has a constant suction power of 120W.

How much cleaning solution do I need for cleaning?

Unscrew the cap of the cleaning solution bottle, add two caps of cleaning solution to the Clean Water Tank, and then add clean water to the max line of the Clean Water Tank.

Is there any specific requirement for water temperature?

The water temperature should be between 41°F to 140°F (5°C to 60°C), and regular tap water should do just fine. Do not use hot water to avoid damaging the internal pipes of the cleaner.

Can I use the appliance to clean pet hair?

The Brush Roller is so ingeniously designed that it can vacuum pet hair into the Dirty Water Tank.

Can pet hair get jammed in the Brush Roller?

Rarely. The Brush Roller is large enough to avoid getting jammed with pet hair. If the Brush Roller does get jammed, simply take it out from the holder and remove the hair with the cleaning tool to solve the problem.

Do I need to use distilled water?

Distilled water is not needed.

How often should I wash or replace the Brush Roller?

It is recommended to clean the Brush Roller after each use, and replace it every six to eight months depending on how often you use it.

Can I use another brand's solution?

No. Doing so may cause damage to the appliance.

How long does it take for a cleaned carpet to dry?

It takes about 30 minutes when Dry Mode is on. (Data provided by the Tineco Laboratory)

How long is the accessory hose?

3 meters.

What is the difference between the iCarpet and Carpet One (Pro) display?

iCarpet shows the following information (in black and white): Operation Mode, Dirty Water Tank Full, Clean Water Tank Empty, Brush Roller Blocked (Jammed).Carpet One also shows (in color) the Water Spray Level.Carpet One Pro uses animation to show (in color) its status and operating instructions.

Can I adjust the water spray level?

It has two water spray levels: Low and Max. Water output is controlled manually: Press the button on the handle to release water, and let go to stop.