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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions included in APP?

Our APP includes the status of the Floor One such as power level, dirtiness level, battery level. The APP can also show you a performance report of your cleaning. Customer Service is able to be contacted through the APP.

Is the filter replaceable and can it be washed?

The filter can be washed and cleaned. Please be sure to thoroughly dry the filter before placing it back in the Floor One. Extra filters are also available on the Tineco website.

How do I know when the Dirty Water Tank (DWT) needs to be cleaned?

You may find the air channel blocked indicator light blinking. A voice prompt can remind you to dump the DWT, or check for any blockages in the air channel. The Floor One automatically stops operating once the DWT is full.

How do I know when the Clean Water Tank (CWT) needs to be refilled?

You may find the CWT empty indicator light blinking and a voice prompt reminding you to refill it. 

How do I know when the dirty indicator light is malfunctioning?

You may find that the dirty indicator light is blinking and you need to clean the air channel opening located underneath the DWT when it is removed. 

Does it pick up large debris like cereals, dog food, etc?

The Floor One is designed to pick up debris like cereal and wash the floor simultaneously on hard floor surfaces.

Can I use the Floor One to clean carpet?


Is it ok to leave the unit plugged into the charger after it is fully charged?

Yes, you can leave the Floor One plugged in as the Floor One will stop charging once fully charged.

Does the brush scratch surfaces or dull floors?

No, it doesn’t. The brush works great on hard floors causing any damage to it. It is also recommended to test an area of a sensitive surface before using any accessories on it.

How do I charge the battery pack?

Put the machine back to the tray and plug in the charger then it will start charging and stop automatically once finished.

What is the difference between S5 LED screen and S5 LCD screen?

LED screen displays the current product status through ICONS, such as bucket cleaning detection, sewage bucket detection, battery pack power detection, while LCD screen displays more product status through dynamic video, and can teach users to use and maintain products more clearly and intuitively through LCD dynamic screen. 

What's the difference between S5 and S5 pro ?

S5 and S5 Pro difference is mainly the difference between the screen, S5 is LED screen,
S5PRO is LCD screen, S5 mode is smart mode, Max mode, self-cleaning mode, and S5 Pro mode has smart mode, Max mode, self-cleaning mode and water absorption mode  

Can S5 and S5 Pro carry out corner cleaning?

Of course, in this S5 series of products, we pay attention to optimise the structure of  the brush, which can clean some corners in the family environment.

For some pet families, can this washing machine solve the problem of pet smell ?

Of course, our product can easily clean pet residual dirt. Our product is also equipped  with standard solution, which can easily eliminate the smell of pet residual dirt.  

How to switch the 3 modes of S5 PRO?

The default startup mode is smart mode. In this mode, press the “Mode Switch” button to switch to the other three modes.  You can switch to another mode as required.  

Can the machine be restored to factory Settings?

Yes, S5 Pro long press wifi connection button for 10S, voice broadcast, long press main switch for 10S to restore factory Settings;  S5 no.

The charging storage seat has been connected to the socket, the machine is taken away, people accidentally touch the contact plate will there be electric shock risk?


Can dust be removed in suction mode?


S5 Pro suction mode is always suction, will cause damage to the motor?


When do you need to switch to Max mode?

The water and suction reach the maximum value in the strong mode, and the high-grade mode can be directly switched to cleaning when there are stubborn stains on the surface that are difficult to clean.