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PURE ONE S15 Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions

What's function of the Display Screen of PURE ONE S15?

The LED Display Screen shows all related information of the machine such as power, battery level, dust and problems indication. It also shows you how dirty of the surface and PURE ONE will adjust power automatically to keep the best cleaning performance.The LCD machine has a detailed video on use and maintenance, which can show the use of the machine more visually.

How long can PURE ONE S15 running per charge?

PURE ONE S15 has Auto mode and Manual mode, running time ranges from 10-40min. depending on cleaning surfaces and different tools.

How many watts does the digital motor have? And how strong is the suction power?

The Tineco PURE ONE S15 is equipped with 450W digital motor, which provides the suction power up to 120W.PURE ONE S15 can work both under Auto mode and Manual mode. The power will vary depends on dirty level on the cleaning surface under Auto mode. You can also adjust power by finger swiping on the device under Manual mode.

What is the input voltage? Can this be charged at 220v?

The input voltage is 120V for United States and Canada. It is 100-240V for European regions, and 110V for Japan.

Does it stand alone?

The PURE ONE S15 Cordless Vacuum doesn't stand alone. But it can be easily stored on the charging dock.

How do I charge my battery pack?

The Tineco PURE ONE S15  starts charging once you put the appliance on the charging dock.

Does this vacuum work on carpet and hardwood floors?

PURE ONE S15 is equipped with a Direct-drive LED Multi-tasker Power Brush which increases the cleaning efficiency and creates a highly dynamic operation, very effective for agitating dirt embedded in the carpet, easy to clean fine dust and debris. 

How do I empty the dustbin?

With the power off, push down the dust empty tab to clean the dustbin. If too much dust causes a blockage, press the release button on the dustbin and empty the contents.

How do I remove and clean the brush roller?

Turn off the power and remove the battery, and then hold the unlock button of the brush roller and swivel the cover of the brush window and remove the brush roller. 

How often does the dustbin need to be emptied?

Generally, you can empty thedustbin before it reaches the "MAX" line.

Can the battery pack be replaced?

Yes, PURE ONE S15 is using detachable batteries.

How long should I charge the battery?

Before first use, please charge the device for 3-4 hours. The PURE ONE S15 has the battery protection function, so it's okay to leave the machine on the charging dock after it is fully charged.  If not using the device for a long time, we suggest charging the battery at least 50% every 3 months.

How to store the battery if not use the device for a long time?

If not using the device for a long time, we suggest charging the battery at least 50% every 3 months and put the battery in a cool and dry place. Suggest environment is 39.2°F (4℃)-102°F(40℃).