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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last for?

The iFloor 3 can work for up to 35 minutes under normal mode.

Does animal hair get wrapped around roller?

Normally this does not happen because the brush roller diameter size is big enough so it can avoid getting tangled. If there is a tangle, just remove the brush roller from its holder and use the cleaning tool to remove the hair tangle from the brush roller.

Do you have to use distilled water?

There is no need to use distilled water. Tap water is perfectly fine to use in the iFloor series. Please do not use hot water as this can cause internal damage to the pipes in the iFloor series.

Can use bleach in the machine to clean floors?

We would not recommend using bleach in this machine as it could damage the machine.

How much does the product weigh?

The product weighs about 10 lbs.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty lasts 2 years.

Does this unit suck up animal hair?

The unique brush roll can help to remove animal hair and suck it into the Dirty Water Tank.

Does the cleaning solution have an odor?

No, the cleaning solution does not have an odor, but it can deodorize the area you are cleaning.

What is the voltage of the charger? Can you use a different charger?

The Tineco iFloor series uses 100-240V in its charger. We do not recommend using a different charger as that may not be compatible with the battery.

What are the Clean Water Tank and Dirty Water Tank capacities?

The Clean Water Tank capacity is 0.6L. The Dirty Water Tank capacity is 0.5L.

How much solution are you supposed to use for cleaning?

Using the cap of the solution bottle, fill one cap worth of solution and pour into the Clean Water Tank. Fill up the Clean Water Tank with clean water up to the Max line.

Does the water have to be at a specific temperature for cleaning?

The temperature can be between 41°F ~ 140°F (5°C ~ 60°C). Typically normal tap water is fine to use for cleaning. Please do not use hot water as this can cause internal damage to the pipes in the Floor One.